January 25th, 2018


Why is a Swan (Hamsa) used in temple architecture

A hamsa can separate water from milk! It represents satvik quality of people who are able to differentiate between incorrect or unhealthy practices from right ones! Great seers take good attributes of everything around and ignore unnecessary aspects.

An elephant is mighty and exhibits valour. It represents rajasik quality of people who are aggressive and is competitive rather than collective in nature.

A lion is fierce and intense for its food. It represents thamasik quality of people who are only self-centric and do not care for anything else.

Beyond these three is a Lotus flower. It emerges from sticky muddy water, but is a beautiful flower. This represents an extremely great state of people who are amongst all such three qualities but do not get carried into them.

The dynamic fountain therefore is arranged to reflect this amazing set of characteristics of everyone in the world. 8 Lions lie on the bottom-most part, followed by 8 Elephants and then lie 8 Swans. On top of this is a beautiful Lotus in which Bhagavad Ramanuja is seated in honour!

We wanted to update you on the progress of Bhadravedi work which has hamsas being used in window carvings! Enjoy the update on the carving and the progress on the rest exclusively for all our donors and promoters…!

  • More than 30 trucks of carved material being shipped from Pindwara to the SOE site
  • Second floor thoranam carving is in polishing state
  • Bhadravedi door frames work is in progress
  • Tulasi beads of Bhagavad Ramanuja are being shaped accordingly
  • Centres of Inspiration, the Divya Desams – excavation and foundation is in progress