To idolize is to admire, revere, or love greatly or excessively as much as one would worship God. Some people idolize great sportsmen, some idolize great writers, some idolize scientists, some idolize true leaders, some idolize doctors etc. Who do you idolize? Who are you inspired from?

Equality Statue Ramanuja Diety

Ramanujacharya, an epitome of Equality found his inspiration from 108 centres called divyade:sas. The history of each centre connected him to the fundamental truths of existence deeply, thus enriching him to be an ideal and most revered a:cha:rya.

He was inspired by God and His utmost compassion at the 108 centres, thereby seeing everyone and everything in the existence as a part of a universal family.

Here’s an update on the making of the deities of the 108 centres of inspiration at Statue of Equality:

✦ Honey-based wax models

Honey based wax models 1

honey wax and proportionate amounts of guggilam, a natural herb together produce a substance called honey-based wax
wax models are made using the honey-based wax based on drawings from our sthapathy team, the design team who are guided by a:gama scripture, temple science specialists

the models were then presented to a:cha:rya, HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji for approval   

✦ Layering for 14 days

Layering for 14 days

  mud is procured and prepared as a thin layer
  it is first beaten to soften, then mixed with water and filtered using thin cloth to eliminate unwanted hard content, and further powdered to dust
  the approved honey-based wax models from step 1 are then covered in a thin layer by this specially prepared mud
  they are then stored in shade
  this process repeated for 14 days, forming 14 such thin layers on the honey-based wax models

✦ Mould making

Mould making

  after 14 days, the layered wax models are heated with fire sparks from burning charcoal 
  the wax melts and the mud layers are hardened because of the heat
  the desired moulds of the deities are now ready

Panchalo:ha, five metals

Hh swamiji Srs

  necessary quantities of five metals: copper, brass, gold, silver, tin are procured to make panchalo:ha deities
  a mud-based vessel is gradually heated to 1000 degrees centigrade at which copper melts; the rest of the metals melt at lower temperatures
  the resulting fluid of the five metals is poured into the pre-heated mud moulds uniformly 

  the following day, the layered mud moulds are broken giving rise to panchalo:ha deities
  in-house sthapathy team, design team performs a quick check 
  the panchalo:ha deities are now ready for Swamiji’s final approval the deities are then ready for the next step during the consecration event of a temple

The entire process requires extremely intricate work of a sculptor coupled with skilled craftsmanship on metal-work. This work has begun in Kumbhakonam and Thirupathi in the early stages. It has been shifted to onsite at Statue of Equality premises. The entire team are currently residing at the premises to accommodate easy guidance, follow up and togetherness of each working member in this beautiful centre in making.

HH srs

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji visited the premises at specified check-points and worked on the finalising of the panchalo:hadeities.

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– Update from 
  Chief Architect, DNV Prasad Sthapathy and team 

HH Jeeyarswamiji srs
Hh swamiji srs 2
HH jeeyaeswamiji Ahobila swamiji Statueofequality