August 6th, 2020


Statue of Equality, the most awaited project in the world is stepping into a fast-track mode with twelve key action items for Team SOE from Chief Advisor, Sriman Jupally Rameshwar Rao Garu.

  Construction of the 18-feet Garuda and the 18-feet Hanuman Deities at the main entrance will begin immediately
  Research and secure an exquisite single stone for the 50-feet grand Jaya Sthambham, the pillar of victory
  Invite all the sculptors back to the premises and begin to complete the Vimana gopurams (the ornamental tower on the Garbhalaya) of the remaining 54 temples
  The intricate and authentic sculpting of the mu:la mu:rthi and utsava mu:rthi, the deities of glory in 108 centres of inspiration will resume in full potential. All necessary work-sheds, accommodation, healthy food, and all other amenities will be arranged for the sculptors at the premises

  The architect team is instructed to take care of all ARTISANS paying keen attention to their comfort, needs and supplies
  All flooring work and remaining incomplete tasks in the grand hall of 108 centres of inspiration must begin within one week
  Two Divya Desams, centres of inspiration, must get fully ready for approval from Swamiji asap
  Every single member of the work-force who was part of the SOE team prior to the covid-19 situation is invited to come back. All the necessary arrangements for their safety, accommodation will be taken care of at the premises. All the members felt excited and energized to hear the news

  Leads are asked to provide list of all work that is yet to be placed for orders by next week for review and action
  All Yalis will need to be erected in the respective positions around the corridor of 108 divya desams asap
  Team are asked to prepare for the secure functioning of already erected Yalis
  All the 81 grand doors of divya desams will need to be fixed asap so that the completed elements are all in their respective areas ready for approval

Several key personnel and leads attended the meeting held at the SOE site. The list includes and not limited to Senior president Sriman Kodali Jagadeesh Ji, Chief Architect Prasad Sthapathy Ji, Civil works head Sriman Rushi Rao Ji, Engineers Sriman Uday Bhaskar and Sriman Venkat Kiran Ji, Deputy architects Sriman G. Shiva Krishna Ji and U. Purushottam Ji, A. Mohanachari Ji.

Sriman Suryanarayana Ji, Sriman Krishna Ji and Sriman Gopi Krishnamacharya Ji attended the meeting to ensure all ends are covered to begin action on the mission.

– Update from Chief Architect
– Sriman Prasad Sthapathy ji
– 04 th August 2020

Speaking about Ayodhya Ram Mandir Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji said, “The virus is trying to take away the greedy nature in people by limiting everyone to only needs. It is also paving way to bring in what is also essential for a beautiful future, the inspirational Sri Rama Mandir at Ayodhya.”

The Statue of Equality, Ramanujacharya is yet another exceptionally designed authentic inspirational centre that will align people of all ideologies to raise above every difference and enjoy the bliss of universal oneness.