August 1st, 2019


Our actions reflect ‘who’ we are in terms of identity. Our dressing reflects ‘what’ we are in terms of our choices and beliefs. Our words reflect ‘where’ we are in terms of mental maturity.  What about for the Deities of God in temples? What is the significance of the way Deities are sculpted or dressed up?

Swamiji advised beautiful broad forehead, wide lotus petal shaped eyes, lovely smile, attractive thin waistline for the pancha loha murthis (five-metal alloy based Deities). Each of those structural attributes reflect a beautiful quality of God. For example: beautiful broad forehead reflects wealth of wisdom. Wide lotus petal shaped eyes reflect grace and compassion. Lovely smile reflects God’s joyous nature (aanandam). Attractive thin waistline reflects how upper body (knowledge) and lower body (karma – action) are joined together with rightly matured sense of detached ownership (vairgyam).

Generally, we enhance our beauty with an ornament. Example: gorgeous ear rings for women to enhance the beauty of cheeks! Or a wrist-band for men to enhance the strength and beauty of a wrist. It is the other way around for a Deity. The beauty of an ornament is enhanced when it is used on the Deity.

Swamiji approved the Deity making for 8 Divya Desams with such guidance (not only in sculpting the physical form but the devotion that must go into the work) for the team of architects.

  • Thiruvananthapuram
  • Thiruvan Parisaram
  • Thirukkannamangai
  • Alwar Thirunagari
  • Thirukkannapuram
  • Thirukkannangudi
  • Thiruppiritti
  • Paramapadanaadan

-From Chief Architect, Sriman Prasad Garu
-29th July 2019