July 10th, 2019


Alma Times July 2019 reports with greater enthusiasm that Statue of Equality is a marvel in Pancha Loha (combination of 5 metals) and one of its kind. The statue represents the ideology that connects everyone together on a common ground – All are equal in the eyes of God! The Founder and Inspirer, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji will be bestowed with the certificate of recognition from World Book of Records chief representatives.

The International religious fraternity congratulated Swamiji for elaborating on the core truths that can bind us all together. This entire structure, the statue along with the 108 Divya Desams (centres of inspiration) will stand as the base for right wisdom to many generations to come. Be it depleting natural resources, or rising terrorism, or deadly diseases – we are responsible for all of this. And only this great wisdom can put us all back on track.

We would like to share some highlights on the progress of the construction as of June 2019:

  • Yali is a beautiful creative and informative artistic structure. 168 such Yalis are getting ready in Hebei, China. 24 of them have reached the site already. 2 of these were positioned at the site. Swamiji examined them and shared feedback and gave direction to the sculptor team.
  • The stone wall construction of 91 Divya Desams out of the 108 is complete. The roof work for all of these is also complete
  • The shrines for 20 Divya Desams is complete. 5 others are in progress.
  • 325 out of the 468 pillars architected in Hoysala style for the Divya Desa mantap are now fixed at their respective positions.
  • Dynamic fountain and Elephant fountain aimed at entertaining the visitors while sharing the knowledge in a fun-filled manner are also getting ready. Mechanism for the fountain show with coloured lighting is all being worked on at the base of the fountain.
  • Alwar-sannidhi, (hall showcasing the 12 saints who are revered as the most devoted and blessed people in history) is close to complete. This place allows one to learn and offer their respects to the alwars.