June 24th, 2020


Statue of Equality is the world’s most intriguing and valuable structure. This is evident, especially in the current situation. We are witnessing racial discrimination and experiencing disputes over territories despite having to deal with severe illness and deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

When everyone understands that all are equal in the eyes of God, one will not feel superior over another based-on colour. One nation will not want dominance over another by occupying existing territory borders. The root cause for any kind of dispute or difference is the desire to dominate. When God is the only supreme power and the rest of all are siblings, will one nation suppress another? Will one sect dominate another? No!

Let’s all give this message boldly to the entire world, and for the future generations. This is the message that Ramanujacharya shared and practiced with everyone 1000 years ago and will stand as inspiration forever. 

The construction of this magnificent structure resumed with caution taking care of covid-19 related precautionary measures for the work-force.

Here’s a quick update on the progress:

  • 33 artisans from Rajasthan, 44 artisans from Tamil Nadu, and 64 construction workers stayed at the site with proper shelter and food during the lock down time. They resumed working in respective areas
  • Artisan team in Tirumala resumed deity sculpting work of Divya Desam temples
  • The design team of five-metal deity (utsava murthi) are ‘working from home’ to complete the design
  • The pillar work of Divya Desams resumed at Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • The entrance door work for Divya Desams resumes at Mount Abu, Rajasthan
  • 388 pillars are ready, out of which 364 are erected
  • Electrical conducting work in progress
  • Manufacturing of main doors are completed, waiting for flooring to be complete to fix the doors
  • Out of the 108 + 1 Centres of Inspiration, the Divya Desams temples
    – Stone work is completed for all the Divya Desams
    – RCC slabs work completed for 85 Divya Desams
    – The monumental entrance tower, Gopuram is completed for 55 Divya Desams