August 24th, 2020


The magnificent statue of Sri Ramanuja and the 108 divya desams are taking a beautiful shape at JIVA premises in Telangana. Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s divine wish to spread the ancient Vedic wisdom as propagated by Jagadacharya, Sri Bhagavad Ramanuja can be seen through each and every inch of the structure. People say beauty with brains is a rare but desired combination. This unique structure not only encompasses the most beautiful architectural and sculpting elements but also carries the essence of Vedas using technological aids while not compromising on the authenticity of wisdom.

Carved by expert sculptures from all over India and the world, the statue – Samatha Murthi (The statue of Equality) ‘sits’ tall in all splendor at JIVA.

The construction of the entire Samatha Murthi center is progressing at a steady pace. The normal monsoon season has set in. But the rains have not hindered the work.

Sriman Jupalli Rameshwara Rao Garu has been conducting a weekly evaluation for the sculptors and the contractors, to encourage them in their efforts. He has been also checking on their health conditions regularly. The workers who have been hesitating to step out of their homes due to the world-pandemic situation have started to come for work upon being given full assurance about their health & welfare.


Discussions regarding all the internal phases of the project, like the electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, landscape, and other mechanical works have taken place in the 2nd week of Aug 2020 – headed by Sri Ramesh Mantha.

A few important enhancements are made to some of the plans that have been implemented in the past 2-3 years, as devised originally by Sri Swamiji.

The idea was to make use of the latest technologies in a few places, without disturbing the greatness and purity of the concept of “Sri Ramanuja Sahasra:bdhi” project. A very thorough review of the M.E.P plans was prepared by the team. Sri Rameshwara Rao approved all the suggestions and gave swift instructions to the ‘project supervising committee’ to start the work with immediate effect.

The construction of two model shrines are in full swing. A lot of work has gained ground in the building of “sa:laha:ra”,  ornamental parapet layer, on the top of divyadesa mandapams, along with “ceiling flowers” inside the divyadesa mandapams.

The surrounding area of the mandapams are being elevated with black marble railings. An order has been placed for two types of floor granites for the temples, while the flooring and plumbing work is making headway.

– Update from Chief Architect, Sriman DNV Prasad Sthapathy  Ji, and team
– 22 nd August 2020