September 7th, 2019


Every day is beautiful at Statue of Equality site. There are people from different professions – Artisans, artists, sculptors, engineers, light and sound technicians, electricians, construction workers, news paper / media reporters, photographers and more working on the site! But, this is common to any construction. What is unique here is the guidance of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. Swamiji has been reviewing the work closely to ensure the output does not deviate in any manner with the intended objective (i.e.: giving the greatest gift of Vedic philosophy to the entire human kind, as shared by Ramanujacharya). 

Today, we are happy to share another quick update from the site, focusing on the artisan-teams.   

We already have two artisan-teams working in Tirupati to get the pancha-loha vigrahas ready for the Divya Desams (the 108 Centres of Inspiration). Another two teams are working on main deity sculpting at the same place. Adding on to those teams, we are now working with a fifth team who hails from Darasuram near Kumbhakonam. This team began their work on pancha-loha vigrahas for the utsava murthi-s (the deity who travels around the temple during celebrations). This team is stationed at the SOE premises and are being guided by Sri Swamiji at regular intervals. The team was referred by Sriman Madhavan Swami from Thirukkoshtiyur.

  • The stone structure for 104 Divya Desams is completed
  • The monumental tower, vimana gopura, for 24 Divya Desams is completed
  • Entrance doors made of teak wood for 85 Divya Desams are completed 
  • Out of 468 Divya Desam temple porch (mantap) pillars, 350 of them are complete

Looking at the making of SOE, it feels like entire Vedic wisdom is taking its shape here!

From the Chief Architect, SOE
– Sriman Prasad ji
– 06 th September 2019